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If you are reading this you found our webpage. If this isn't your first visit you may have noticed that it looks a little different. We've nearly completed the process of creating a new site that will include e-com

If you know me you can surely imagine how difficult this has been, not only for me, but especially for the people actually building the site. Yes, we should have offered e-com when we first went online but the idea of spending my days putting stuff in boxes and printing shipping labels, frankly, scares the shit out of me. So here we are, the site's almost done and we'll slowly start populating it with items you can purchase from us online. More importantly I'm committed to updating the page with all kinds of useless information on a semi-regular basis, as well as keeping the calendar populated with events as they arise.

Please consider subscribing to the page. I don't exactly know what that means yet, but you'll be the first to know.

*I'm in Montana as I write this, enjoy the random pic of a trout I caught today on the Madison.


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