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Green Bugs

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  • By Michael "Fish" Fischer
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Green Bugs

Baetis, Olives, BWOs, etc...

There are plenty of names for these bugs, even without throwing in dead languages. For anglers, they're most commonly called BWOs (Blue Winged Olives). At the end of the day, all you need to know is that you're going to want to grab a pretty big handful of green mayflies and get your ass to the river.

The hatch is on. It started sporadically just before that last bump of winter weather we got. It's now in full stride, usually starting in the late morning to just after noon. Most of the bugs will be size 18, though having a few size 20 imitations is a good idea for when the fish start getting a little picky. You'll also want some good ol' Pheasant Tail nymphs to take advantage of the pre-emergence. Don't go straight to the tungsten flies, as many times the fish will be rolling on them just below the surface.

We all have our favorite patterns for this hatch but let me suggest Improved Sparkle Duns, Split Flags, and our perennial fave the CDC Comparadun. As I mentioned, the Pheasant Tail nymph will always get the job done, but you may also consider the Darth Baetis and Hotwire May nymphs.

One final note: Don't be shy when buying these flies; the hatch will return in the late fall to finish the season so these bugs will see plenty of line-time. 


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