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We've had a lot of precip this past week but the local streams are coming back into shape quickly. Our hearts go out to our friends in the Veroqua area. They got buried in rain and things won't be the same for some time. I'm sure the large amounts of water have changed the bug activity a bit and we should be seeing the end of Trico season coming on quickly, and the BWOs begin to emerge as the temps drop. If you make it out this week be sure to throw a couple streamers in your box in case you hit some thick water or a lack of bug life due to some wash out.

Support the BWCA & enjoy some music

September 20th we're having a party and we're gonna raise some funds to protect the BWCA. Live music by Al Church. Worn Wear gear repair station from Patagonia to help repair your outdoor gear. 10% storewide discount + 10% of sales will benefit the cause. 6p - 8p.



The local trout water is looking great. We've had some storms here and there that have done nothing more than give the water that nice dirty cast that makes the fish feel safe. And maybe it's given us an extra day here and there to whip up a few flies to make up for that time we didn't spend tying last winter. 

We're rapidly transitioning into full on summer fishing, with crane flies and PMD nymphs picking up fish regularly. The best time to be out is definitely early in the morning, no, I mean early. But, it's always a good time to be fishing, so get out there when you can.


I was digging thru some old photos and came across this shot of my fishing pack from maybe 10 years ago, long before I owned a fly shop. Well, now I do own a shop and I thought we should see how things have changed. I'll be following up this post soon with a photo and description of what I carry in my pack now, 10 years on, as a fly shop owner. 

I'm curious about what you carry too. Lay it out, take a pic and e-mail it to me at the shop, we'll share your pics and maybe even learn about some items we should all be carrying around with us.

filson fishing pack.png

Fishing Report 04/13/18

Howler Bros Cards

Don't even ask. The winter that never ended. I hope that someone fishes this weekend, and I hope that they crush it. The reality is that the sane folks will be inside this weekend tying flies, drinking beer, playing cards. With a little luck things will settle down before next weekend and we'll all get a chance to fish a BWO hatch. They started showing up here and there a couple weeks ago and a few lucky anglers have had a stellar afternoon or two, be ready when the water clears a bit, the fish should be eager eaters for a while yet.